We have equipment to perform all the necessary treatments in accordance to our established protocols

Our team and staff is instrumental to provide quality and comfortable service to our patients.

Our team and staff work with the highest quality standards and hygiene protocols.

Modern units allow us to provide the best possible care for our patients and to insure a complete and thorough service.

The comfort and safety of our patients is our highest priority for this reason we have an established Hygiene and sterilization protocol with the highest standards for the peace of mind of our patients.

We take care of our patients by having a hygiene and sterilization protocol that will provide confidence to our patients.

Modern equipment that allows us to provide a comprehensive and fast service to patients.

Centro Dental San Lucas

Centro Dental San Lucas
Centro Comercial Plaza San Lucas,
2do Nivel. Km29.9 Carretera Interamericana San Lucas Sacatepéquez.
Teléfono: (502) 7830-1573 / (502) 4063-5851 / (502) 4005-3818
Llamadas internacionales de Estados Unidos y Canadá : 1-323-230-6458
Email: info@centrodentalsanlucas.com